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FAQs about Neck Adjustments

Millions of neck adjustments are performed safely each year in Canada.

Through chiropractic care, we help remove the interference that’s preventing your body from healing naturally so you can maintain a healthy nervous system. For those experiencing neck pain or discomfort, neck adjustments are an effective intervention.

Check out a few commonly asked questions about neck adjustments.

What training do chiropractors have?
Chiropractors complete 4 or 5 years of post-graduate school (depending on where they live). They are trained to take a full medical history to assess your condition, provide your diagnosis and provide you a treatment plan. Their education allows them to offer excellent care and know when chiropractic care is or is not what you need.

Are neck adjustments safe?
Yes. Millions of neck adjustments are performed safely each year in Canada. Remember that neck adjustments are performed within the normal turning range of the head, with less movement than it takes to look over your shoulder.

One of the studies into the safety of neck adjustments confirms the safety of neck adjustments. This national survey observed over 19,000 chiropractic patients and 50,000 neck adjustments. The results found no instances of adverse effects of chiropractic care. (Published in The Spine Journal in October of 2007, Safety of chiropractic neck manipulation of the cervical spine.)

Neck adjustments are significantly safer than other alternatives such as long-term use of painkillers, which carries a higher risk of long-term complications than neck adjustments (Published in the American College of Gastroenterology).

What will an adjustment feel like?
Many people experience immediate relief after an adjustment. In some cases, you may experience temporary stiffness or soreness. It’s always important to inform us of how you feel so he can tailor your care plan to your needs and your response to care.

What about adjustments and the risk of stroke?
The most recent research into the risks of stroke found that patients who visit a chiropractor are no more likely to have a stroke than those who visit a family physician. The study concluded that this type of stroke commonly begins with neck pain or a headache which causes the patient to seek care from their chiropractor or physician before the stroke fully develops. This type of stroke is very rare and research continues as to why in rare cases some people are susceptible and others are not. (Published in Spine Journal, February 15th, 2008 Risk of vertebrobasilar stroke and chiropractic care, by Cassidy JD Et Al.)

Heal, function properly and feel healthy again. We can help!

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