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Get a Healthy Start to the School Year with the Right Backpack

How did you Choose Your Backpack?

Most people pick the backpack that appeals to them the most aesthetically, without giving much thought to fit or its impact on their bodies.
Did you know there is a correct way to wear a backpack? Most people don’t. But wearing the wrong backpack, or wearing it the wrong way, can have lasting effects on your posture and your health.

Pick the Pack That’s Right for You

There are several things to consider when choosing a backpack for yourself or your little one.

If the backpack is for a child, choose one that is lightweight. Vinyl or canvas backpacks will be considerably lighter than the leather variety and will be more comfortable to wear.

Look for a pack that has lots of smaller pockets on the outside of the pack. These pockets are perfect for stashing smaller, or oddly shaped items that would otherwise get lost in the main compartment of the pack.

The shoulder straps on the backpack should be about two inches wide and well padded, to keep them from digging into your shoulders. The backpack should also have a strap that secures around your waist, to keep the backpack from swaying side to side.

Please, no one shoulder bags! They might look good, but they are not good for you. Without a second strap to balance the load, the pack can be hard to manage and can swing from side to side, causing you strain. Backpacks are meant to be worn on both shoulders.

Properly Packing Your Pack

When you put your things into your backpack, pack all of the heaviest items closer to the bottom of the bag and closer to your body. This keeps things closer to your center of gravity and makes the weight easier to manage.

You can then add additional items, remembering to pack the smallest items on the outside of the bag or in special pockets designed for each item.

Finding the Right Fit

Your pack should be deep enough and the right height for you, fitting between your shoulders and your waist. It should fit snugly to your body without being too snug. If you can just fit your hand behind your back between you and the pack, then the fit is probably about right.

Always remember to secure the waist strap, to keep your pack from swinging side to side.

Follow these tips for a more comfortable start to the school year. You’ll find you’ll experience less strain and fewer headaches and backaches.

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