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How Much Is Enough?

Your symptoms are gone and you’re feeling pretty good. Now what? How often do you need to be seen to keep those unwanted symptoms from coming back?

If you are not experiencing any unwanted symptoms, a visit once a month is typically enough to keep you feeling great. Patients who are physically fit and those who don’t experience high levels of stress can usually be seen less frequently than others. Your adjustments will hold and you will be able to maintain proper function for a longer period of time.

When is more better?

Chiropractic discussing chiropractic with a patient

If any of the following explains you and your life, more frequent visits are probably necessary.

  • Not physically fit
  • Stress at work and at home
  • Physical job

Anytime you begin to feel pain, notice changes in your posture or find yourself unable to withstand the pressures of various life events, it is definitely time to see your chiropractor for reevaluation and adjustment.

It’s also possible that you simply don’t hold adjustments as well as someone else.

Talk it Out

As always, the best way to determine whether you need chiropractic care is to discuss it with me. As your life changes, so do your health needs. Together we can determine whether a change to your care plan is needed or whether you simply need to change how frequently you are seen.

Let’s talk about what you’re experiencing. Give us a call so we can reevaluate. (905) 934-7776

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