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How to Survive Air Travel

I think we can all agree that air travel has become something we have to endure rather than actually enjoy. I’m no different, so here are some tips that I think will help you on your next journey:

air travel

Our tips will help you survive air travel!

Eat smart: Avoid eating a large, fatty meal before flying, as well as caffeine and fried foods. Instead, choose something that’s light and nutritious. The pressure changes in the cabin and accompanying motion can often affect digestion, and your belly will let you know it.

Choose the best seats: Try to snag an exit row seat if possible as a lot more leg room is provided. An outside (aisle) seat is also preferable; it’s easier to enter and exit your row, and again, there’s more precious leg room!

Pack chewing gum: To accommodate the changes in cabin pressure, always chew gum or suck on a candy while the plane is ascending or descending.

Stretch: Stretch as much as you can during the flight to help avoid cramps and boost circulation. Wear a slip-off shoe, and draw circles with your toes, first one way then the other. Also try alternate calf muscle contraction exercises.

Keep moving: Whenever it’s safe to do so, take little walks up and down the aisle of the plane. This can help with vascular issues and help to avoid blood clots.

Proper posture: Have your back straight up against the back of the seat. Don’t slouch!

Use the foot rest: Some planes feature a foot rest underneath the seat in front of you. If it’s there, use it!

Make sure that you’re well-hydrated as well, and get an adjustment before and after your trip to help your nervous system prepare and recover in record time!

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