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Top Chiropractor in St. Catharines for Complete Health Care

With over four decades of service and a commitment to provide multiple services under one roof, we make healing comfortable and convenient.

St. Catharines chiropractor Dr. Mizel explains, "Our purpose is to help members of our community reach their healthcare goals. We aim to maximize your health and improve your quality of life."

In order to do that, we don’t just offer focused chiropractic care, but are happy to dive into other natural wellness modalities including Physiotherapy, Acupuncture and Massage. If you’ve forgotten what it feels like to be healthy, don’t worry--there’s hope. Through adjustments and a specialized care plan, our goal is to restore balance to your health and nervous system allowing you to function optimally. Whatever your goals are, whether it’s to get out of pain, overcome a chronic condition, or simply feel better, we’ll meet you where you are on your journey to health and help you determine the best path forward.

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Have you forgotten what it feels like to be healthy?

At St. Catharines Chiropractic & Health Centre, our goal is to get patients functioning at their optimal level… and then keep them there! Through chiropractic care, we can support you in attaining your healthcare goals.