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Dr. Dennis Mizel, BS, DC, FCCPOR (C)

Dr. Dennis Mizel

My purpose is to help take care of the health of our community. St. Catharine’s is my town. My vision is to alleviate pain, to restore health and to prolong life.”

Growing up I had never heard of chiropractic. My parents constantly reminded me of how annoying my habit of knuckle, wrist, elbow, hip, back and neck cracking was to them!

All I knew was that it felt GREAT! Little did I know that all of this stretching and joint repositioning would be leading me into discovering chiropractic.

What I didn’t know at the time was that all of this stretching and joint repositioning was actually part of a science that would help my body get stronger, more vitalized and more energized!

Chiropractic Education

It didn’t take long before I was enthusiastically exploring the profession of chiropractic and consequently enrolled in Canadian Memorial Chiropractic College. I was excited about the idea of helping people regain their health through natural and gentle methods. I attended University of Toronto for my undergraduate work and did my post-graduate Chiropractic degree at the Canadian Memorial Chiropractic College. These two world-class facilities provided me with tools to provide the best of health care to our community.

Chiropractic care has the potential to save lives

I have seen some very sick people get well in our St. Catharines Chiropractic office. Chiropractic care has the potential to give people their life back, to allow them to do the things they love to do.

It has become very clear to me that those that take care of their spines and nervous systems by regularly having themselves checked and corrected by their chiropractor and healthcare team enjoy overall better health. In my opinion the healthiest people on the planet are under chiropractic care. If more people understood and embraced this notion our hospitals would not be as busy!

A St. Catharines Chiropractor with a Multidisciplinary Approach

Our St. Catharines chiropractic clinic is multidisciplinary offering many different forms of therapy to aid in the restoration of your health. We focus on reducing your pain, increasing your mobility and getting you moving by the most effective means possible. We offer chiropractic, physiotherapy, acupuncture and massage therapy. St. Catharines Chiropractic & Health Centre is a state-of-the-art facility with a team of rehabilitation specialists to ensure that you receive the most effective care for your condition. As a team our key values include optimum health, wellness, happiness, laughter, education and balanced lifestyle.

Outside the office

I grew up in Toronto and most of my family is still in Toronto, Ontario. My wife grew up in St. Catharines.

We have  two wonderful children that we are very proud of. Samantha is married and an  elementary school teacher at an independent school in Toronto, Ontario. Ilana is married and a Lawyer practicing in Windsor.

In my personal time away from the office I enjoy attending educational seminars. I am one of those lucky ones, as Chiropractic is not only my vocation, it is also my hobby. I like learning as a hobby. I am always taking courses. One of my highest values is EDUCATION! If I am not at a course you can find me visiting my daughters in Toronto and Windsor. For vacations I enjoy cruising and we have been exploring Europe the last few years.

I have been receiving chiropractic care for over 45 years. I have enjoyed maintenance care chiropractic adjustments at a frequency of weekly to monthly. This has assisted me in being pain-free, healthy and full of energy.

I consider myself an excellent listener and hope I get the opportunity to meet you in person and discuss your specific health challenge.



  • Dr.Mizel and his staff are amazing and super professional. I would recommend everyone to give him a try.
    Thanks so much.
    -Varun S.
  • I was blown away by Dr. Mizel’s expertise and his warm personality. No mistake that I was intuitively guided to this man!
    -Susan M.
  • Dr Mizel was excellent and very friendly. He made me feel very comfortable and is very knowledgeable. I am confident in his abilities.
    -Jeannette M.
  • Dr. Mizel’s clinic and staff are excellent at what they do. Very welcoming and professional. Five stars ⭐
    -Marina M.
  • I found Dr. Mizel to be a lovely man who is very caring and attentive to his patients.
    -Catherine K.
  • Very Impressed. I have complete confidence in Dr. Mizel and appreciated how well he explained my treatment plan to me. Most definitely over and above my expectations.
    -Michael A.
  • Dr.Mizel is amazing. He is thorough and takes the time to explain things. He is excellent at what he does. I’ve felt enormous relief from the first session with him.
    -Yasmine K.
  • Dr. Mizel went in great detail over my symptoms as he could see my stress level and anxiety and did his utmost to put me at ease. That was greatly appreciated!
    -Lisa I.
  • My adjustment has stuck with me for a couple days which is unusual for my issues. I’m shocked and grateful all at the same time!!!
    -Charron H.
  • Dr. Mizel and staff are welcoming, engaging, easy to speak with, knowledgeable and above all extremely professional.
    Have been fortunate to be referred to them and anticipate a positive result to my health care need.
    -Phillip M.

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  • 2016-  Mental Health First Aid Certificate Program
  • 2009 – Kinesio Taping Practitioner
  • 2008 – Graston Technique Provider
  • 2006 – Certification Independent Chiropractic Evaluations (Canada)
  • 2002 – Certificate of Completion in Acupuncture (McMaster University)
  • 1997 – Diplomate American Chiropractic Rehabilitation Board
  • 1997 – Fellow of the Canadian Chiropractic Specialty College of Physical & Occupational Rehabilitation, formerly the College of Chiropractic Rehabilitation Sciences (Canada)
  • 1997 – Certified Chiropractic Rehabilitation Specialist (USA)
  • 1996 – Bachelor of Science
  • 1995 – Certification in Electromyography
  • 1977 – Doctor of Chiropractic
  • President College of Chiropractors of Ontario 05/2019 – Present (Regulatory)
  • Council Member College of Chiropractors of Ontario 04/2018 – 04/2019 (Regulatory)
  • Secretary-Treasurer Council on Chiropractic Education Canada Ontario Representative 11/2016- 04/2018  (Accrediting)
  • Council on Chiropractic Education Canada -Ontario Representative 11/2015- 04/2018 (Accrediting)
  • President College of Chiropractors of Ontario 04/2014 – 04/2015 (Regulatory)
  • Vice President College of Chiropractors of Ontario 04/2012 – 04/2014
  • Vice President College of Chiropractors of Ontario 06/2009 – 04/2011
  • President College of Chiropractors of Ontario 2008 – 06/2009
  • Council Member College of Chiropractors of Ontario (Regulatory Body) 2006-2015
  • Chairman/Past President Ontario Chiropractic Association (Professional Association) 2003-2005 (Advocacy)
  • Governor Canadian Chiropractic Examining Board (Examining Board) 2004-2006 (Competency)
  • President -Ontario Chiropractic Association (Professional Association) 2000-2003
  • Vice President-Ontario Chiropractic Association (Professional Association)1998-2000
  • Certification in Electromyography 1995
  • Contemporary Medical Acupuncture McMaster University 2002
  • Fellow of the College of Chiropractic Rehabilitation Science (Canada) 1997
  • Certification Independent Chiropractic Evaluations (Canada) 2006
  • Interviews/Public Education Experience: Global Television “Health Matters”, “Consumer Reports”; Breakfast Television City TV “Lisa Fromer”; The Weather Network; Global News; CFRB 1010 News Radio Interview; CKTB News Radio Interview; Hamilton Spectator, Toronto Star, Guelph Mercury Professional Memberships: Canadian Society of Chiropractic Evaluators, Niagara Chiropractic Society, College of Chiropractors of Ontario, American Chiropractic Association, Canadian Chiropractic Association, International Chiropractors Association, World Federation of Chiropractic
  • Community Service/Activities: Past President “The Heart and Stroke Foundation” St. Catharines Chapter, Volunteer Heart and Stroke Foundation, Volunteer United Way: St. Catharines, Peer Assessor College of Chiropractors of Ontario, Examiner Canadian Chiropractic Examining Board (2002-Present), Preceptor: National College of Chiropractic, Southern California University of Health Sciences (SCU)
  • Professional Publications: Rehabilitation – A valuable consideration in acute and chronic neck and low back pain in addition to standard chiropractic Management. Journal of the Canadian Chiropractic Association reprinted in Journal of the American Chiropractic Association; Branding Chiropractic for Public Education: Principles and Experience from Ontario WFC Paris Congress – Poster Presentation, May 2001 Drs. Dennis Mizel, DC; Stan Gorchynski, DC; Dirk Keenan, DC; Mr. H. James Duncan, CAE
  • Awards: Parker International Award In Appreciation of Your Contribution in Developing Chiropractic Worldwide, Toronto 2003
  • 2017 Ontario Chiropractic Association “40 years of Membership”
  • 2013 College of Chiropractors of Ontario – “President’s Award of Excellence”
  • 2009 Ontario Chiropractic Association – “Chiropractor of the Year 2009″ Chiropractor of the Year is the OCA’s most prestigious award. For more than 50 years this award has been presented annually to honour the significant contribution and personal sacrifice of an association member for the advancement of the profession. Those who are nominated and those who are selected are truly the giants of the profession.
  • 2009 College of Chiropractors of Ontario – “President’s Award of Excellence”

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